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Welcome to the Creative Organizing Scrapbook page! Here, you'll find information about my scrapbooking services, some sample pages from my albums, and answers to some commonly asked questions.

I love to talk about scrapbooking and I offer a free initial consultation, so feel free to give me a call. See the index below to find out more, and happy scrapping!

Harriet Miller



Many people want a scrapbook for their child. Click on the image for a larger picture. For other samples of scrapbook pages I have created, scroll down.

Why is scrapbooking important?

What does a commissioned scrapbooker do?

How much does it cost?

What types of projects do you do?

What is your scrapbooking style?

Visit my Scrapbook Gallery for more examples and ideas.

Why is scrapbooking important?

I believe there are many times in our lives that need to be preserved and protected through archivally safe scrapbooks. I became interested in scrapbooking after my parents died and I inherited several boxes of family photographs, none of which had names or dates on the backs. My family simply never found the time to create albums to preserve their memories.

One of the treasures I inherited was my birth announcement, which I had never seen before, so I began by making my own baby book. That was five years ago; since then I have completed more than a dozen scrapbooks. Thanks to the scrapbooks I've made, my own son will never find a shoebox of precious photos without the stories behind them.

When I was selected to be the focus of an article on scrapbooking in The Oregonian, I knew that I had a talent for creating clean, classic layouts that others appreciate.

A Heritage Album preserves the past. Even black and white photos come alive and tell a story when creatively presented. Click for a larger view. For more samples of my work, keep scrolling.

What does a commissioned scrapbooker do?

There are many different scrapbooking projects that I can do for you. During the free initial consultation, you will have a chance to explain the project you have in mind and view examples of my work. We'll talk about scrapbooking options such as album themes and sizes, simple and complicated techniques, and color schemes.

Once you decide to proceed with the project, I charge $25 an hour for album design and planning. During this time photos and memorabilia are sorted, organized, and roughly laid out; decisions are made about journaling, captions, mounting, and cropping. This helps ensure that the finished project matches your vision. In some cases, a client just wants individual instruction in scrapbooking basics and support and I offer that too.

Here, the waves are used to tie these vacation pages together. I hand-cut the waves using a special template. Click to enlarge. Scroll down to see more samples.

How much does it cost?

The initial consultation is free. Design and planning is $25 an hour (and usually takes two hours).

Completed pages cost $12 each for labor and materials, including page protectors. With a minimum of 30 pages, the album is included at no extra charge. For fewer than 30 pages, albums range in price from $20 to $65. Or you may provide your own album.

Per page prices refer to one side of a page of either 8.5 inches by 11 inches or 12 inches by 12 inches. Pages for smaller albums of 5 inches by 7 inches cost $6 each. All materials used are acid-free and archivally safe.

What types of projects do you do?

Just about any type. Special-occasion albums commemorating a wedding, vacation, anniversary or Christmas are very popular. Some clients want an album as a birthday or reunion gift for a friend or relative.

Business owners may want a scrapbooked portfolio of their work. A heritage album can tell your family's story. An album for your child will be cherished and pored over many times and an ABC album can be a learning tool. Pets are another great subject.

Perhaps you just want photographs removed from an unsafe album and transferred to a new one with minimal embellishments. Perhaps you started an album and just want me to complete it for you. Or maybe those photographs are just sitting in a box under the bed waiting to be preserved. Calling me is your first step.

Journaling -- the written story behind the pictures -- is one of the most important elements of a scrapbook. I pay special attention to preserving memories in words as well as photos. This page journals some childhood memories of living overseas. Click on the sample for a larger version.


What is your scrapbooking style?

The style that comes to me most naturally is an uncluttered classic look that emphasizes the photographs and the story behind them. I use color for impact and focus. I can do whatever appeals to you: romantic, whimsical, country, masculine.

For More Examples and Ideas, Visit My Scrapbook Gallery

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