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Below are samples of some of my favorite pages, showing a variety of techniques. Click on the image to see a larger version.


This page includes a specially made pocket holding many different valentines. A few are displayed at the top. Pockets can hold ticket stubs, brochures, report cards, invitations, letters or virtually any kind of papers.


Sometimes, a really special day deserves a two-page spread. The photos of the signs were taken and carefully cropped to provide captions.


Scrapbooks are great places to keep examples of kid's writing and artwork. The sample above comes from my son's first-grade journal.


I often like to create a special feel for my pages by making an appropriate background. Here, some boating pictures really come alive thanks to the overall design.


Sometimes, the simple approach is best.When pages are too busy, the pictures get lost. Here, simple decorative borders make the page attractive while keeping the focus on the photos.


Thanks for taking a tour of my gallery. Check back from time to time for new samples.

I would be happy to help you preserve your memories, using the techniques that appeal to you. Call me at 503-635-7859 -- or e-mail me at CreativeOrganizing@hotmail.com -- and let's plan your scrapbook!


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